Womens Health and Family Services (WHFS)
Improving the Health and Wellbeing of women, their children, their families and communities

Kids in Focus WA offers a comprehensive array of services to children affected by parental alcohol and/or other drug use,and to their families. KIF services offered from the Womens Health and Family Services location include: child and family counselling, art, play and sand tray therapies, group work, parenting training and support, and social and recreational activities. A free information and advice line (1800KIFWA) for service providers working with target group families is also available. As the lead agency, Womens Health & Family Services also allows ready referral and access to other WHFS programs that KIF families may require.

These programs include: alcohol and drug, medical, mental health, domestic violence, and Aboriginal services. Creche facilities and interpreting services are available. For more information about the services and programs at Womens Health & Family Services, check out our website at www.whfs.org.au or phone us on: (08) 9227 8122. For more information about KIFWA check out www.kifwa.org.au.

Cyrenian House / Saranna
The Kids In Focus WA – As a partner in KIFWA, Saranna Women and Childrens Residential Program offers additional specialised childrens counselling and parenting support to the female residents who are seeking help for alcohol and other drug issues and to their children. Saranna is the only residential treatment program for women and children who are affected by parental alcohol and other drug issues. The service provides mothers and children with opportunities to regain independent living skills, whilst living in the safety of a Therapeutic Community. Dedicated childrens services and parenting support provided through KIFWA funding will support the recovery process. Outreach is available to families post treatment. This includes home visits and referrals to counselling, parenting support, accommodation, financial assistance and other agencies as appropriate. Under the umbrella of Cyrenian House Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre, clients are offered a wide range
of programs, both residential and non-residential, and provided with treatment options to suit individual needs. For more information about Saranna contact:
(08) 9302 2222. Or visit www.cyrenianhouse.com for information about all of their services.

As a partner in Kids In Focus WA, CLAN WA has developed an information and training resource primarily for other Family Service Providers identifying the key issues in working with families affected by parental drug and alcohol use particularly in regards to parenting. This new training resource fits well with the other CLAN WA services delivered from six sites across metropolitan Perth. These services can be defined into two broad categories: 1) parenting & family skills community workshops, and 2) home visiting service programs. The aim is to strengthen family life by encouraging healthy relationships, effective parenting, support networks and community participation. CLAN WA is committed to embracing and developing use of the Strengths Approach. The Strengths Approach is concerned with using people’s strengths and aspirations as a means to profound and meaningful change. This approach is incorporated in all aspects of CLAN WA’s service delivery. For further information you can visit CLAN WA online at www.clanwa.com.au or contact them on (08) 9228 9006 about all their services, including the KIF WA training package.